AHU is equipped with SEMCO sorption wheel reduces installation and operational for costs for cooling thanks to best humidity recovery in the market. Product offering with Eurovent Certified Energy recovery wheel.
  • Both sensible and latent recovery
  • Up to 80% temperature efficiency
  • Improved indoor air quality

The CCHR Model is our air handling units with FlaktWoods Make Heat recovery wheel & are part of the Flakt Woods India offering. CCHR models are available in 13 Sizes with the airflow range : 0.47 m3/s ~ 9.43 m3/s, Customized Solution to meet customer requirement, Construction & performance has been tested by Eurovent certiifed testing lab. Energy recovery wheel is Eurovent Certified. It offers a fully packaged air handling unit loaded with features needed to be the right choice concerning functionality and giving you low installation and operating costs.

  • Economic benefit in investment cost reduction
  • Economic benefit in operational cost reduction
  • Reliable supplier with high quality products and systems
  • Reduced installation time, smaller energy network
  • Reduced investment costs