Our JMC Aerofoil fans deliver high aerodynamic efficiencies (up to 77%) and low specific fan powers. These benefits are achieved using Aerofoil section impeller blades and aerodynamically optimized hub design, which deliver peak operating efficiencies
  • High Efficiency impeller design reduces SFP values and running costs
  • Adjustable pitch impeller delivers precise performance
  • Short or Long cased options provide installation flexibility

Our JMC product is available as a fully cased or short case axial flow fan which offers high efficiency performance. Each impeller is manufactured from high-pressure die cast aluminum, which is X-ray inspected using real time radiography (in accordance with ASTM E-155) to ensure product integrity and quality. Impellers are precision balanced to minimize vibration levels and assure smooth operation. Impeller blades are mounted into a hub and clamp plate assembly, which allows manual blade pitch angle adjustment that offers performance flexibility

  • 315 - 1600 mm diameter..
  • Volumes up to 186,500 m3/h (51.8 m3/s)..
  • Static pressures up to 2400 Pa..
  • Fans tested to ISO5801 and BS848..
  • High energy efficiency..
  • Low installed noise levels..
  • Motor protection IP55
JMc Aerofoil
Language: English
Status: Current
Publish date: 2012.10.01
  • Marketing
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